Mapping Applications

The new, advanced GIS/Mapping application is available for use on most mobile devices. It is designed to be “device agnostic” and while intended for use by mobile devices, it will work well on the desktop and supports modern browser technology.

Click on the image below to use the Mobile Mapping Application.

Advanced Internet Mapping System - for Desktops and Mobile Devices
  • Use this application on your desktop computer and on your mobile device
  • Query, display, and print maps and descriptive information
  • Find locations of interest including addresses, real estate, roads, post offices, recycling centers, polling sites, schools, parks, and more
  • Create and download mailing labels for selected sets of real estate parcels
  • Export data to use in your GIS, CAD, or spreadsheet software
  • Create presentation quality real estate reports which include map thumbnails, ownership, values, history, deed and plat references, and other administrative information
  • View temporal changes using multiple years of photography and adjusting transparancy
  • User's guide for Advanced Internet Mapping System
Crime Incidents And Analysis (RAIDS Online) - for Desktops and Mobile Devices
  • Interactive map with tools to query, display, and analyze criminal activity for a given area of interest